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English Driving School for Expats in Amsterdam

We are specialists in Car Driving Lessons (Manual and Automatic) in English in Amsterdam. All our communication and lessons are in English. As the number one English Driving School in Amsterdam, we are official partners of INAmsterdam.

Are you an experienced driver, but your driving license is not valid in The Netherlands? Or you transferred your license to a Dutch one, but you want to get used to the Dutch roads? We can help you to get your Dutch drivers license as soon as possible.


English Driving School for Fear of Driving in Amsterdam

At Driving School The Graduate (Amsterdam) classes are not only hands-on and efficient but also fun. Yup, for sure!

Yes, even if you don’t want to, don’t dare or even think you can’t.
Because our instructors are not only very good driving teachers but also
specialize in students with fear of driving, autism, deafness or language
problems (also expats). We make you feel comfortable driving.
The Graduate’s motto is therefore: everyone can learn to drive!

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Driving theory test

Entering the practical exam well prepared is extremely important. To help you with this, we have listed a number of points for attention for you.

Half-way mock test

For the practical exam you can test your progress by means of an interim test. The interim test is a mock exam.

automatic driving school

Do you want to get your automatic driver’s license in a good way? Then you are at the right place at Driving School The Graduate! With our experienced instructors, you are assured …

Driving lessons and Autism

Entering the practical exam well prepared is extremely important. To help you with this, we have listed a number of points for attention for you.
Car English Driving School Amsterdam

Fear of driving and of failing

Feeling anxiety or fear to drive a car, or do you have driving phobia and does this stop you from driving? Let our experienced coaches help you to overcome your fear of driving.

Theory lessons

Passing the theory exam is no problem with our English theory courses. There are one-day courses every weekend. This includes online study materials with practical questions, zoom courses and test exams. 

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About The Graduate
Driving School Amsterdam

Everyone is welcome at The Graduate driving school.
Our team specializes in teaching expats and foreign students (language deficiency is not a problem and Saida is fluent in Dutch, English, Arabic and some French), people who start classes later in life, fear of failure, nervousness, autism, deafness and many others. of other complicating factors. Do not hesitate to register with The Graduate; We are ready for you.

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Passed at The Graduate
Driving School Amsterdam

Such a good school, especially their instructor Saeeda who specializes in fear management in new drivers. She helped in boosting my confidence and actually start to enjoy driving. She was observant of my mistakes and had a very nice way to make me practice more. I would recommend Saeeda to anyone who might have fear of driving or trying it for the first time.
Mez A

I was very lucky that my friend recommended me Saida’s class! From the very first moment I felt comfortable, even I came to my first lesson stressed. She made me believe that I really can drive! Saida gives you as much freedom as you need during the class, allowing you to make small mistakes but learn from them. At the same time she is always ready to support and take over when it is really needed. Another great point that she gives you feedback after every class, so you constantly can grow! I am so happy to have my classes with Saida.
Татьяна Коростелева

Ida is a great instructor, who guides you with kindness and clarity. I’m looking forward for my test in November, and she’s been encouraging me along the way.
Mayra Vendramim

Fast and responsive Professional planning and communication
Ngot Doan Thi